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About us

"Here, you can really feel like one of the local inhabitants."

And even though we come from Pomerania, but Szklarska Poręba really got us hooked.

What do we owe to the apartments in Szklarska Poręba? We have become a part of the local community, to be sure. Every single moment spent in this place brings pure relaxation, an Oasis of peace to say, far away from the troubles of life. Both the town and all the surroundings inspire you with their ravishing soul, originality of the nature life and kindness of the inhabitants. Barely one night in Szklarska Poręba will soothe your heart and fill you with positive energy to carry on with your life. And there’s no better place for active leisure elsewhere! This place, bursting with beautiful views, besotted us to the core of our hearts. Now only are most eager to come back here again and again, but we also recommend this little gem to others. The Magnum Apartments in Szklarska Poręba seduce you with the charm of the local fauna and flora world. The palette of attractions to choose from couldn’t be richer. Actually, we’ve never been happier in our lives, inspired and given a spiritual lift, both in the professional and in the private life.

"Truthfully speaking, we did our utmost."

In our Magnum Apartments

Frankly saying, we did our utmost to make all the Guests feel comfortable here. Bear in mind, we have arranged the Apartments the way would like to have them arranged ourselves. Every single apartment has been equipped with all the necessary devices and comfortable beds. It’s like a fusion of elegance and Italian design. Both the Magnum 18 and Magnum 19 apartment offers you a comfortable living room and kitchenette. From the balconies, there spreads a stunning view of the mountains. And at disposal of our youngest Guests, there is a playground. Another asset of ours is a car park, too. And since the railway station is located nearby, you can easily set on a little journey to Harrachov or Jakuszyce

"Peaceful relaxation in high standard Apartments guaranteed."

Magnum Apartments in Szklarska Poręba...

are a unique place, the best holiday address in the whole of the Giant Mountains. These comfortable apartments, fully equipped, provide you with a satisfying and peaceful stay in high standard spaces. The proximity of the city centre, and at the same time quiet surroundings make you want to come back here again and again.

Forests and rocks, mountain panoramas, waterfalls and little streams – all these little wonders bewitched our souls. Szklarska Poręba hasn’t turned into a concrete dessert yet, unlike many other health resorts, and that’s the greatest asset of this place. You can arrive here by train, bus and of course by car. You can drive from Poland, through the Czech Republic or Germany – choose it for yourself and don’t lose time! No chance you shall regret it!

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